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Our soaps are made from scratch using the old fashioned soap making method with a modern twist.   Natural handmade soap is quite different from commercially made store bought soap.  Though they function in a similar fashion, natural handmade soap has character and style.  Our soap smells good, it's genuine, like the ingredients from which it is made.   Handmade soap feels good to the skin and feels good in your hands.  The color, texture, fragrance, lather, gently cleanses ... it's truly a unique kind of soap.
We use wonderful natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil, herbs, essential as well as fragrance oils to make a rich, sophisticated soap that is gentle and cleansing. 
Pamper your skin...Naturally.. the way nature intended!
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